Product Review: @officialBbeauty B. Even Oil Free Foundation in Mocha and the B. Creative Pro Face Kit in Dark

Foundations are the mainstay of any beauty routine. During the of the recession of the late noughties, foundations usurped lipstick as the must have product when budgets are squeezed and the purse strings are being pulled tight. According to an article in the Financial Times that was published height of the market crash, ‘flawless skin replaced the perfect pout as a woman’s answer to tough times’.

So, how does the woman of colour fare in selecting her perfect base?

Lupita N'Yongo's joined global brand Lancôme as an Ambassador last year.

Lupita N’Yongo’s joined global brand Lancôme as an Ambassador last year.

As I mentioned in my post reviewing the #brownbeauty featured in the AW14 campaigns of last year, there has been a marked increase in the offering to and the showcasing of beauty for the women of colour since I started my blog back in 2011 – there is still a way to go with regards to distribution, shades availability and the general attitude towards the commercial viability of the market in the British industry, however there is more choice than ever before and this can only be a good thing.

I tested a number of bases by a variety of brands last year and I will be reviewing my top 5 over the next couple of weeks! First up is the latest offerings from B.MakeUp.

B. Even Oil Free Foundation

I published a post on the launch of the B.Even Oil Foundation foundation last November – which you can read here. Some of you may recall that I NOT very happy with the brand when it launched back in 2013, as shades for a darker skin tone were noticeable ABSENT from the foundation range, which I found unacceptable for a brand that was backed by the resources of the cosmetic giant Superdrug.

Thus the launch of the new range to include a wider offering of shades was very welcome.

I was sent the three darkest shades (Caramel, Mocha and Chocolate) to test.

I really do like the foundation. Mocha is my shade, and it is a fairly good match, not too red at all! I did lighten the finish slightly with the use of my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Kit in SC-7- but all in all I was impressed with the look. One thing that the formulation does have going for it is its staying power! It lasted really well throughout the day and didn’t transfer at all – living up to it’s claim to ‘stay fresh all day’.

The packaging is has a premium finish for the mass price point, a frosted glass bottle and a robust pump! As far as I am concerned ALL liquid foundations should come with a pump! At £10.99 this product is extremely good value for money and I would recommend it.

I understand from some of the comments left on my IG that the distribution (or lack thereof!) of the range is an issue, so I will take this up with the brand and see if any progress can be made on this!

The B. Creative Pro Face Kit

I was also sent wethe newly launched B. Creative Pro Face kit in Dark. This kit is perfect for a weekend away or to slip in into one’s gym bag. It features a cream foundation and concealer, a face powder and a highlighter in a compact palette.

Again, the quality of the products is very good, the cream foundation and concealer is thick in texture and the powder is finely milled, unfortunately the Dark palette is too light for me :-(.
I can get away with using the foundation to highlight and a dusting of the powder to fix, but it would have been nice to see at least two deeper shaded kits, to align with the deeper shades in the new foundation range. The highlighter in the palette is a plus though, its golden tone does not look ashy on the skin and blends beautifully.

The launch of the palette is supported in store with visuals featuring the spokesmodel Nada Adelle, who looks both fresh faced and radiant.

However, it would have been good to see a darker skinned model in the campaigns, so as to highlight to this consumer group that there ARE products suitable for them – this is a basic marketing principle that is missed time and time again by the beauty brands!

Despite this, I am sure that with targeted and ongoing communications and improved distribution, this range can go on to be a success.

Have you tried this foundation? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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