Nominate me for the 2015 Wise Woman Awards – celebrating the achievements of Christian Women in the UK!

The awards season has kicked off in tinsel town…and it has also kicked of here in the UK!

The 11th annual Wise Woman Awards is taking nominations to identify and celebrate British Christian Women who are making an impact in their community – and I would love you to nominate me for the ‘Christian Woman in The Media Category’.

My faith is very important to me – and it can be rather ‘un-British’ to vocalise this – but it is the driving force behind all that I do and thus is inextricably a part of my communications!

As many of you know, I started my blog because I saw a gap in the beauty blogging world for a site dedicated to the beauty and business needs of what I call the cosmopolitan, British born Woman of Colour. Frustrated with the lack of positive representations of Black, Asian and women of a mixed heritage in the British beauty market and mainstream media – I felt compelled to establish BeautypulseLONDON to fill this void.

One of my favourite bible scriptures, which also galvanised me to start my blog, is taken from the book of Psalms 139:14…

wisw woman awrads natalie clue beauty pulse london

I believe that EVERY woman was made perfect in the image of God and that He made no mistake.




Painstakingly made in the image of beauty.

The beauty of the Womam of Colour has been marginalised for centuries – our thick and luscious hair being termed ‘nappy’, our rich, chocolate skin deemed undesirable and our curvaceous body shape made a spectacle of- yet despite this, our spirits have remained strong through a determination to own and celebrate our outer beauty, whilst nourishing our inner beauty.

So, why nominate me?

I have had the immense privilege to serve this community (who are of all faiths and none!) though my blog and social media platforms by providing a space to champion and a be a voice for the Woman of Colour and to spread a much needed message: that she IS beautiful and makes an invaluable contribution to British society that needs to recognised and celebrated.
It really has been a privilege and an honour to have been afforded this opportunity! The support and love that my online community has shown to me has been overwhelming and I am grateful!

I took a plunge into the unknown world of blogging and social media just over 3 years ago and I learnt everything I know as I went along – and that is why I am evangelical about the digital media sphere! If you have got something to say – get online! If I can do it, then so can you – maybe this will be the year you start your blog and serve your gift to a community that is waiting to hear from you :-)!

Since launching my blog, I have been featured in numerous consumer and trade publications….

…and I have spoken on the subject of Beauty for the Woman of Colour to a variety of audiences – including one of my most memorable – being a part of the panel for the South Bank Centre’s Woman of The World Conference in 2013 – debating the topic of the ‘Politics of Natural Hair’.

The video of the debate went on to become the Southbank Centre’s second most viewed video EVER !! You can watch it here!

Keziah CONNECTIONS – a true LEAP of faith!

I started Keziah CONNECTIONS – my networking organisation for the – in response to the posts that I had published in my ‘Mind Your Own Business’ category – posts that featured the stories of successful Women of Colour in the Beauty industry. I received so many positive comments about the posts, I thought it would be a great idea to bring this community of enterprising, inspirational women together offline – you could almost call it my BPL ‘spin-off‘ show!

Many of you have attended and supported Keziah CONNECTIONS and again I am thankful! The organisation is a real testament to God’s faithfulness, as unbeknownst to many, when I started the organisation I was in a very precarious situation! I had just lost a job, my plans for blogging and other interests were hanging in the balance and things were pretty tough…yet I had this light bulb moment and knew that I had to take a step of faith to make it happen!

With VERY little cash, I managed to pitch the idea to BECCA Cosmetics, build a website and present a premium organisation to meet the needs of women who wanted to network and connect! Premium and positive was the name of the game – I selected only the BEST locations and the BEST brands to work with! I wanted to give the guests the very best experience every time they attended an event – this was REALLY important to me!

God took this seedling of an idea and grew it into a body that celebrated its 2nd anniversary last year in conjugation with Fashion Fair UK and Spell Magazine at the Debenhams on Oxford Street – the most prestigious store in the group, on the most famous of shopping destinations!

Keziah CONNECTIONS has brought women of ALL backgrounds together, showing that there is unity in diversity as we share our love of beauty, business and good company with each other!






God was truly faithful!

WWW 2014!

I attended the WWA last year to support my sister Donia Narh (PCGE), who was nominated for the ‘Woman In The Community’ Category!

It was an elegent and inspirational evening as the winners recounted their tales of perseverance, dedication and resilience to overcome everything from illness to racism – one left feeling buoyed and ready to make a difference!

Hello Sunday! Had a wonderful time at the #wisewomenawards2014 last !! Have a blessed day today y'all!

A photo posted by Nats (@beautypulselondon) on

The key note speaker keynote speaker Rev. Rose Hudson-Wilkin – the first Black chaplain to the Queen, also gave arousing message of living a purposeful and joyous life!

So, of course…I would love to be there again! 😉

You can nominate me here! Here is a link to view my latest bio too! If you require any further information drop me an email, or DM me via Twitter or LinkedIn!

Nominations close on the 19th of January!

Many thanks in advance and God bless


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