Guest Post! @MizaniUK Thermasmooth System Review by Giveaway Winner Isha Victoria!

Back in May, I collaborated with the lovely team at the Mizani UK HQ to report on the 2012  Mizani Afro Catwalk Look Awards.

Mizani supports the growth of excellence within  Afro hairdressing by hosting the annual Award, which brings together the UK’s most talented and fashion led hairdressers to demonstrate and showcase their creative skill in Afro hair artistry.  This years final took place on at the 24th of April at the L’Oréal Academy, right here in London. Read more about the finals, the judges and the winning look!  Also check out my Pinterest board –  featuring images from the finals and looks by the esteemed judges!

Mizani UK were also very gracious in allowing one of my lucky blog/Twitter followers a chance to win a suite of products of  THEIR CHOICE, suitable for their hair type….and the lucky winner was Isha Victoria Webber!

Check out her review of the products she received!





I have worn a perm since the age of 5,  my last relaxer was the Mizani Butterblend relaxer and I am currently doing a long term transition to natural hair.

My last relaxer in March 2012…..


……about 8 weeks post relaxer – too much heat used on the hair, not much deep conditioning.


At this time, I was experiencing  the following problems with my hair:

1)      My hair is very thick and difficult to manage. It is a challenge to stretch my relaxer past three months as my hair will then start to break.

2)      I have never been able to grow my hair to past collar bone length without having to trim off at least one inch at the bottom.

3)      My new growth is very course and often causes headaches when I try to detangle it.


I am currently coming up to 17 weeks post relaxer and I won the Thermasmooth System a month ago from BeautyPulseLondon and Mizani UK!!

(left to right) Thermasmooth Shampoo, Smooth Guard (leave-in) and Shine Extend Anti Humidity Spritz and Conditioner


So, the first product I used on my hair was the Thermasmooth Shampoo.

What they say:

“A creamy, conditioning shampoo that thoroughly cleanses the hair in preparation for the smoothing process. The advance C3 smoothing Complex deposits pure, nourishing coconut oil to help moisturize and detangle dry and brittle hair.”

I love the way the product smells. I sectioned my hair and applied a dime sized amount of the shampoo on each section. I made sure the product was applied from the root to the tips and then I went to a yoga class…..

…I washed my hair an hour later. I did not apply anymore of the shampoo. Even though the shampoo contains sulphates, I  found it difficult to get it to lather – which I guess is a good thing.  I then used the Thermasmooth conditioner.

What they say:

“A luxurious, cream conditioner that softens and smoothes the hair cuticle for optimal manageability and shine prior to thermal styling. The advance C3 Smoothing Complex reinforces with inner celluar fortifying ceramide to help preserve elasticity and protect hair from thermal styling damage.”

This is, by far my favourite product ever!  On this occasion I applied two dime size amounts onto my hair focusing on my ends and my roots, then I rinsed with cool water. With Mizani products, a little goes a long way even on thick hair, so use the product sparingly until you figure out how much your hair requires.  I was very impressed with the results, particularly on my new growth. The manageability and softness made me very happy. I was able to finger detangle my hair.

Look at those waves!!

I then experimented with the third part of the Thermasmooth complex, Smooth Guard.

What they say:

“Lightweight, leave-in thermal protecting serum buffers against heat styling damage and facilitates the use of heat tools by providing extra glide for easier manageability. The advance C3 Smoothing Complex with cationic polymers to is designed shield and polish while hair is being smoothed.”

This product comes with a pump and one squirt is very generous. The consistency of the Smooth Guard is quite thick – so again, a little goes a long way.  I sectioned my hair and then applied one squirt of the serum to the roots, working the product to the ends of my hair. I then bantu- knotted my hair.


Since shampooing my hair, I have co washed my hair three times with Thermasmooth conditioner and I have straightened my hair once (I am trying to minimise the amount of heat I use on my hair).

Before straightening my hair, I applied the Thermasmooth Smooth Guard.  My relaxed hair glistened and my roots were easier to manipulate. I then sprayed the  Thermasmooth Shine Extend Anti Humidity Spritz to my roots and then wrapped my hair with my satin scarf for bed:

What they say:

“High shine finishing spritz polishes and locks in shine while lightly shielding the hair to resist humidity. Formulated with an easy comb, light hold to help retain style memory”

In the morning I sectioned my hair into eight sections and straightened my new growth using a low heat setting.

Happy, Healthy Hair!!


The verdict:

For me, this range is a life saver when stretching your relaxer or transitioning. The products are moisturising, they do not weigh your hair down and smell lovely.  I could not believe how responsive my new growth and relaxed ends were to these products, especially the manageability of my new growth, tangling and shedding was reduced and the strength of my relaxed ends improved. I am excited to see how these products help my new growth and I look forward to using the system on a full head of natural hair in a year or so time!

 Like with all products, patience is key – it will take at least two or three uses for your hair to adapt and then you can gauge if it has helped you achieve the desired hair goal.

Wishing you Happy and Healthy hair.

Isha xxx

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Have yo used the Mizani Thermosmooth System? Let me know what you think of the products!!



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  1. July 14, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    Happy to hear you’re enjoying the product. I’ve used Mizani for many years and always had good results so stick with it. To keep your roots fully moisturised during your transition, use some of their Supreme Oil as well. Good luck!

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