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I love my glossy magazines!  Vogue, InStyle and  Marie Claire are a staple on my coffee table, and can’t live without my weekly fix from the  Stylist magazine team!

Each month I eagerly anticipate the delivery of my many mag subscriptions and look forward to spending a lazy afternoon, in my favourite coffee shop (which is Costa by the way…) to devour the fashion and beauty pages, which helps me to keep up with the what is hot on the scene!   As much as I love being online, reading blogs, viewing vlogs and interacting on Twitter, I still cherish holding a glossy magazine, taking in the imagery and reading quality editorial!  I am enamored by the aesthetics of the best magazines – the stylish shoots, the creative ads (yes, I like the ads!!) and of course the cover image.  ‘Who’ is featured on the cover doesn’t usually dictate my purchasing decision,  but I am drawn to covers that are unique.

How about you?  How important to you is the cover image? 

Well,  you can now have your say and vote for your favourite cover as part of the The Professional Publishers Association’s PPA Awards 2012.
See below for the finalists
It was great to see that 3 out of the 15 covers features a black woman (yay!), and I was even more impressed to see that the Christmas issue of  the John Lewis magazine ‘Edition’  made the cut, as I had featured the mag in a blog post last year (am I hot or what) !!  
The John Lewis Partnership is the jewel of  British retail and is highly respected by the customer and is lauded by its industry peers, so it was fabulous to see the company represent the multi-cultural nation that we live in with its flagship publication.
The striking model (Aba from Zone Models – take a look at her portfolio here)  definitely made an impact – and I am sure that John Lewis received a slew feedback from its customers – this comment was featured in the following issue:
So, I guess you know which cover gets my vote 🙂 , but make sure you vote  for your favourite cover too!  Voting is open until the 31st May.

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