Think Again About Elizabeth Arden! My new love affair with @ArdenUK!

Earlier this year I blogged about a new Elizabeth Arden foundation – the Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Makeup, which I was delighted to discover was available in 20 shades!

elizabeth arden Flawless Finish Perfectly Nude Makeup

The @ArdenUK team sent me a couple of samples to review and I fell in love with the product and an adoration for the brand itself was kindled.

Now, as a beauty aficionado, I was very aware of the Arden brand and of the incredibly successful ‘8 Hour Cream’ collection…but it was just not a brand that I had chosen to experience. It wasn’t that I felt the brand was dated, nor was it the fact that I felt that it made claims that couldn’t be substantiated…it was just that the brand was never front of mind when I was considering beauty purchases.

Well, I can say that I am really glad that this is no longer the case, as I have been overly impressed with the subsequent products that I have had the opportunity to try!

Firstly, I was invited to attend the launch of Arden’s newest skincare line, Flawless Future* a few weeks ago. Designed for the modern 26-35 year old woman, who are living busy lives juggling many roles and may be feeling extra stressed and research shows that stress can accelerate skin ageing by up to 10 years.

The Flawless Future collection (a serum, a moisturiser and an eye gel) is powered by Ceramide, the brand’s signature ingredient used to replenish the skins natural strengthening structures to maintain smoothness and combat a lack of radiance. As a science geek, I was impressed with the scientific application in the development of the range. This video explains how the molecule works.

I have started using the three items in the collection. Again, the packaging and the presentation is sublime.
The pearlescent Flawless Finish Caplet Serum* contains skin soothers and brighteners. The micro caplets allow for a deeper penetration.

The serum is silky in texture but it did feel a tad sticky upon the first contact with my skin, however once it had absorbed, my skin felt very smooth indeed. I followed the application of the serum with the Flawless Finish Moisture Cream*. It contains a whooping SPF of 30, so is great for ones daily dose of sun protection. The cream is rich but not at all heavy and is suitable for day and night use. I really liked the feel.

One area of skin care that I haven’t invested in to date in is that of eye care..I guess that as I am yet to suffer from fine lines or wrinkles I believe that have a few more years of grace! However, the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is tried and tested, so I have decided to include the Flawless Future Eye Gel* into my routine and will use it daily. The consistency of the gel is light and the brand claims that the vitamin E, hydrating sodium hyaluronate and an algae extract cocktail will target dark circles and relieve the look of stress.

UPDATE 23 OCTOBER 2014: I have now finished my bottle of the serum and I am two thirds the way through the cream.


Using these items daily, in conjunction with the 5 Minute Facial on a weekly/bi-weekly (below) has worked wonders on my skin. The tone is definitely more even and the texture is smooth and supple. I would highly recommend these three products!

Following the launch event, I then had the opportunity to meet with Dominique Rock, the brand’s Prestige PR manager (a #wocinbeauty – whoop!) and she introduced me to a number of other products in the brand’s portfolio.

One of her favourite products is the Ceramide Boosting 5 – Minute Facial*, and it is fast becoming a favourite of mine too! Leveraging the brands spa science approach to beauty, this is an easy to use but powerful exfoliating at-home treatment (and you guys know that I love a good exfoliator!


The two-step system includes a self-foaming mask and a replenishing serum. Upon application of a thin layer of the mask to the skin (which can be applied on to uncleansed skin), the unique formula, containing active chemical and enzymatic exfoliators, begins to foam.


After this step, the foam is removed with warm water and the serum is applied. Again, the ingredient list is power packed: Lactic Acid and Protease enzymes as well as sugar cane, orange and lemon botanical extracts exfoliate, Retinyl Linoleate, a vitamin A derivative re-texturises the skin, Rice Kefiran soothes and calms and Red Algae extract, a marine botanical helps reduce the look of uneven skin tones.

I have also been trailing some of the brand’s colour and fragrance offerings. What I love about the brand is that its tone and positioning is sophisticated and grown up without being pretentious. It feels good to use these products!

The new fragrance, Untold Absolou is definitely my kind of scent.

Sensually sweet without being overly saccharine, this is a fragrance that will announce your presence in a subtle but captivating way.

The A/W 14 colour collection also falls under the ‘Untold’ brand and features a limited edition combination of matte and shimmering finishes.


The Beautiful Color Shadow Quad in Chic Browns would suit all skin tones.


The powder is finely milled and wears very well through out the day. The Luminous Lip Gloss in Glamorous Gold is can be used on its own or over a complimentary lipstick.

I love the little mirror on the reverse of the tube – it is the little touches that often make a product extra special!

2014-08-21 08.15.24

As aforementioned, the Arden brand was one that I knew of well. The founder Miss Arden managed to create a global brand at a time when women were still seen as inferior in the market place but her drive, vision and ambition caused her to establish a legacy that still bears her name 100 years later.

I love the current Her Story campaign that is featured on the US website.

Woman of Ambition: Reshma  Saujani - the youngest woman to run for the US Congress in 2010

Woman of Ambition: Reshma Saujani – the youngest woman to run for the US Congress in 2010

Its message resonates closely with my own outlook and convictions – women can AND do achieve ANYTHING they want to with hard work a self belief, dedication and passion!

*pr samples

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