Product Review: @MizaniUK Supreme Oil and True Textures Curl Soft Leave-In Creme

At the tail end of last year I got my hands on some Mizani goodies to try!

With my hair still in extensions (courtesy of the fabulous Team Errol Douglas), I have been testing a variety of products to keep my curls bouncy, moisturised and frizz-free!

Before I get into the meat of the reviews, I wanted to mention that the Mizani UK has been busy over the past few months, which has seen …

…the launch of the Supreme Oil range here in the UK! The complete regime consists of a (sulphate-free) Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner, the Satin Creme Moisturizing mask and the iconic Supreme Oil treatment…


sabrina .Richard Ward Hair & Metrospa becomes a Mizani ambassador. Richard Ward is the man responsible for Kate Middleton’s luscious locks! In June of last year, salon team members Mario Charalambous and Sabrina Thompson were selected to work closely with Mizani and will be lending their skills at photo shoots and press days as brand representatives. Sabrina (right) joined the salon in 2003 and is commended for her technical ability, her talent and her sunny disposition.

…. The Mizani UK website was launched! Hurrah! With all of the authorised stockists listed on the site, as well as the latest product news, us Brits can now keep up to date and fully informed about the offerings from the Mizani UK team!

mizani uk website

mizani uk website location

anyways…back to the product reviews!

Mizani Supreme Oil is one of the cult products in the brand’s portfolio. The oil has recently been reformulated and is now silicone and mineral oil free.


Designed for all hair types the new formulation contains 8 natural oils – sesame, jojoba, almond, apricot,olive fruit, sunflower and argan oils. It can be used on natural, relaxed and braided or weaved hair and it can even be used as a moisturiser for the skin.

The oil is described as being ‘ultra light and non greasy’ which ‘penetrates and absorbs fast to treat and smooth the hair’. The oil is very fluid – so one has to be careful not to dispense too much at any one time. I am not a fan of the packaging and feel that it could have also been upgraded at the time of the re-development. The PET plastic bottle and nozzle do not convey a premium product and because of the fluidity of the liquid, it tended a to drip down the sides of the container – which resulted in the product labels to bubble and lift away from the bottle and the usage directions and ingredients list to become illegible.



Oh dear.

On the plus side, the oil is has a light, candy like fragrance that is not overbearing, but I did find that the oil was not weighty enough to define and moisturise my mass of curls. It absorbed so fast that I would need to use an inordinate amount to achieve the end result that I am looking for. If you have a lot of hair you may find that this product would not provide the best value for money (RRP £19.25/122 ml) however if you are wearing straight or wavy extensions I am sure that the oil will produce better results. I asked my sister, who has relaxed hair, to try the oil and she found that it added an additional sheen to the hair, especially when used in conjunction with heat appliances.

I got on MUCH better with the True Textures Curl Soft Moisturising Leave – In Creme. It is part of the True Textures range which caters specifically for naturally curly hair is formulated with curls in mind! I received a sample of this product in the goodie bag that was given away at last year’s Black Beauty and Hair/Sensationnel Awards (look out for my report on this event – coming very soon!)


The formula is rich, yet light and my curls literally snapped back upon application. I used the product on my dry hair – the instructions do state it should be used on wet hair – but the creamy texture is non sticky and intensely mosturising and worked wonders in refreshing my hair between washes. The product is paraben and mineral oil free and boasts the following properties:

– Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E: to moisturise and softens hair.
– Apricot Oil & Fruit Sugars: For further protection to seal the cuticle and enhance smoothness, definition and shine.
– Anti-Breakage Ceramides: Scientifically proven to enhance the integrity of curly hair, anti-breakage Ceramide technology to helps mend and restore the protective layer of curly hair in order to help prevent breakage and improve resilience.

N.B. Ceramides are lipid (fat) molecules that are a natural component of the hair cuticle. Ceramides act like a ‘glue’ holding the scales of the cuticles together to form a smooth surface.

The sample size was sufficient to style my hair, so a little goes a long way and again the product is wonderfully fragranced.

Have you tried any of these products? How did you get on? Do let me know!

*pr samples

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