My Illuminum Fragrance Experience!

A few days ago I announced that the second Keziah CONNECTIONS Nurture and Network Evening will be taking place at the gorgeous Illuminum Fragrance Lounge in the heart of Mayfair.

I love visiting and shopping in fragrance boutiques – as I mentioned here in a previous post – so it was a joy to discover this space and to have the opportunity to embark on the Illuminum Fragrance experience!

I also love to showcase the best of British beauty on my blog – so writing about Illuminum fragrances is doubly special!

The location is minutes away from Green Park tube station, but is hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the London streets – accessible yet exclusive – I like!

The concept behind the boutique professes that the purchase of fine fragrance should not be about rushing, tills and counters. The space has been designed to invite customers to stay, enjoy a drink, mull over the scents and partake in a truly fascinating olfactory experience!

As I entered the boutique I was taken aback by the size – it is akin to a roomy apartment, so there is plenty of space in which to relax.

The muted chocolate tones of the interior seem to assist in setting the mood, you automatically want to slow down your pace! The fragrances are laid out on testing bar and all the fragrance tester strips can found neatly placed into a wine tasting glasses which you lifted to your nose to inhale. It is a novel touch.

I was greeted by Illuminum’s Holly (Corporate and Events Manager), who proceeded to tell enlighten me on the Illuminum philosophy. The 16 original fragrances – the Vaporizers – are split into 4 families: Floral, Citrus Musks and Oud

The Vaporizer perfumes contain 15% perfume oil (compared to the average of 9% that is found in a large majority of so called ‘fine fragrances’), thus a little will go a long way. At just £70 for 50 ml this collection is by no means inaccessible – in fact for the level of pure perfume that is contained in the fragrance, I think that the prices are very reasonable!

The colouring of each of the fragrance is due to the natural properties of the ingredients – the Scarlet Oud is particularly striking and would certainly stand out on ones dressing table!

The Haute perfume range was introduced to the range late last year – the rarest ingredients blended together to create exquisite scents. The Haute range contains 30% pure perfume (£150 for 100 ml). The Moroccan Tuberose (a powerful and creamy confection opening with the sweetness of Turkish Rose joined by the sensational Moroccan Tuberose) and Trumpet Flower (precious ingredients such as Orange Blossom is joined by Cumin Seed, Honey and a delightful musk) were my favorite of the Haute collection. The fragrances lasted well in the evening of the day that I visited the lounge! The fragrances are unisex and the robust yet slick packaging is appealing to all.

The range also consists of candles – which have a burn time of up to 40 hours – and again at just £25 – they are a bargain!

After speaking with Holly, I was introduced to Bart, the ‘Sensory Guide’. One thing that I respect and admire is a person who is passionate and knowledgable about his craft! Bart is such a person. His descriptions of the fragrances were melodic and his direction of how to get the best out of the fragrance for the ultimate enjoyment. He took his time to talk me through the catalogue, letting me know that how each fragrance worked with the skin -the alchemy that creates a scent unique to each individual.

I asked Bart what were the three things he though set the Illuminum brand apart were. This is what he said;

1) The Illuminum approach treats the perfume with respect. It sees the perfume as a work of art, akin to music or a painting – that has been expertly crafted for ones’ enjoyment.

2) The Illuminum Fragrance experience aims to take the guest on an olfactory experience and illicite associations of the past that conjure up pleasant memories.

3) The Illuminum brand is her to announce to the world the excellence of British perfumery by going back to the roots of fragrance creation, following ancient traditions and working with Mother nature to create precious and modern masterpieces.

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  1. September 3, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Can’t wait for the 25th now!!!

  2. spelling bee
    September 10, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    3) The Illuminum brand is here to announce to the world the excellence of British perfumery by going back to the roots of fragrance creation, following ancient traditions and working with Mother nature to create precious and modern masterpieces. “The Illuminum brand is HERE…”

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