Mind Your Own Business: Irene Moore of Digital Marketing London

It is with great pleasure to be writing about Irene Moore, a seasoned PR and Communications specialist and founder/director Digital Marketing London.

I met Irene about 3 years ago when she was working in the Bobbi Brown PR department. Her career has been an inspiration, moving to the L’Oreal group and NYX to now leading her own enterprise.


Here are few of her insights from her vast experience.

1. Tell me about yourself and how you got into PR?

I did a Public Relations degree at Bournemouth University and career-wise I started off in music promotions. It was a sandwich degree which required a 12-month industry placement in year three and I secured a position in-house at Revlon. I went from muddy festivals to discovering a whole new world who were being paid to make people feel more confident and glamorous. I was hooked!

2. What should small brand know about maximising their PR budget?

I think small brands on a budget should think about ways they can grow their own platform. When I first started working in PR it was all about being in as many of the relevant media as possible. Media and social talent obviously still play a huge role in building your brand and taking you to new audiences, but I encourage my smaller consultancy clients to focus their resources on creating incredible experiences for their audiences, ad tonnes of value and give them a reason to hang with them directly. I would also advise spending cleverly online with with Social Media ads where you can be lazer targeted to reduce waste and tweak the campaign as it goes along.

3. What was your greatest achievement whilst working?

Wow! Big question. I guess I’m luck to be old enough to have experienced the ‘Ab Fab’ days of PR right through to the transition into the digital space. I feel blessed to have worked with some of my favourite brands, represent some inspiring entrepreneurs and deliver some incredible experiential events. If I had to pick one, it would have to be launching the fastest growing cosmetics brand, NYX Professional Makeup, into the UK and Ireland in 2014 when it was acquired by L’Oreal. The brand has strong social media clout and consumer first approach which was refreshing and presented a whole new way of marketing.


4. What caused you decide to start Digital Marketing London?

I love to learn and also love to coach, so I always knew that one day I would start a business that allowed me to help other beauty and luxury brands boost their business. Handling PR in a digital world with my existing clients enables me to deliver in-the-moment training that isn’t very widely available in the beauty sector and, as an official education partner of the Digital Marketing Institute, it also allows me to tap in to my network of digital experts who can help both students and clients get strong results quickly and gain an accredited qualification at the same time.


5. What advice would you give to other budding entrepreneurs?

Set up systems early on and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Be smart with your spending, build collaborative relationships and spend as much time as possible working on your product, service or content. Lastly, always remember to give a little something back as and when you can.

Irene is running a FREE Digital Marketing Masterclass for Fashion, Beauty & Luxury Lifestyle Brands. Register online here:

Irene will also be the key note speaker at the June Keziah CONNECTIONS that will be taking place next week Tuesday on the 28th!

Irene has been a massive supporter of Keziah CONNECTIONS so it is wonderful to have her share her expertise with the Keziah CONNECTIONS network!

Irene at the Feb 2013 Keziah CONNECTIONS event!

Irene at the Feb 2013 Keziah CONNECTIONS event!

Keziah Connections Networking Event February 2013 from Natalie Clue on Vimeo.

There are a few tickets remaining, book here! There will prizes and goodies for all!

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