Just Browsing! An evening with @illamasqua, @threeUK for a #SamsungMobileMakover

The quest for the perfect brow and the perfect selfie…both have becoming increasing important trends over the past few years!

There are scores of Youtube tutorials and blog post dedicated to helping one to achieve an enviable arch and the rise and rise of the selfie saw the inclusion of the word in the Oxford English Dictionary alongside a proliferation of accessories, from sticks to mirrors, to enable the capture of the ideal shot!

I was invited to the flagship Illamasqua store on Beak Street in Central London a few weeks ago to experience the two colliding of these two trends in the most fabulous of ways!

Myself and several of my fellow beauty bloggers partook in Illamasqua’s Brow Effects workshop, which was hosted in conjunction with the mobile network Three UK.

This fun-filled workshop teaches you how to rock several brow looks, from a groomed natural look, to ombre brows, to high definition statement brows and finally coloured – yes coloured brows!

Eyebrow School with @Illamasqua #SamsungMobileMakeover #bbloggers

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Trying out an ombre brow #SamsungMobileMakeover @Illamasqua @threeUK #brows #bbloggers

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@epiphanniea rocking a blue eyebrow! #SamsungMobileMakeover

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The workshop was excellent and I learnt a few tricks that I can now apply to my daily routine. It would be a perfect event for the start of a girlie night out – get you brow on fleek before hitting the town!

Each blogger captured the event on the new Samsung Galaxy Alpha, powered by ThreeUK. I am already a Samsung Galaxy user – I have the Galaxy Note 3, which I love, and so was used to the design and the look and feel of the newer phone.

However, I was really impressed with the quality of the pictures that the Galaxy Alpha produced. The 12MP camera is powerful and the unique HDR mode, facilitates the taking of the best image and a selective focus mode accentuates a close-up (50cm or less) object by blurring out the background – prefect for that selfie!

Here is are a couple of my favourite selfies that I took on the evening! Easy to capture and a bright, flawless finish!

Check out more images that were captured by with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha on my Pinterest board showcasing the evening!

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