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Hello February!

I have certainly gotten into my stride this year and I am REALLY looking forward to the year ahead!

I decided to take the whole of January to review the year just past and plan 2015, resisting the frenzied rush to make scores of resolutions that do not have longevity nor will add value to my goals for the year.

After taking this time both to reflect and to look ahead, here are a few things that I will be focusing on for the remainder of the year!

Beauty from the inside out

I have never really taken internal beauty very seriously…I would always attempt to take supplements and would start well but would inevitably tail off due a lack of commitment! I want to make a change this year, as I do not need to be convinced of the benefits of adding such supplements to one’s diet.

I am part way into the taking of Phytospecific’s Cap’Energy capsules*. Packed with zinc, B vitamins and a soybean complex, the capsules provide vital nutrients to boost hair volume, prevent hair loss and promote a healthy scalp. It recommended to take the supps for a 3 month period, so I will let you know I get on!

This month, I am also adding Viridian’s Organic Clear Skin Omega Oil* to the mix. Available from online, from the Nutrition Centre, this oil contains a blend of different seed and plant oils with various properties to help clear troubled skin and inflammation, which I do suffer from from time to time. It contains flax and perilla seed oils which are high in omega 3, which can can help with this inflammation and avocado oil which is rich in vitamin E.


Sk:n Things!

I have been posting about my recent trip to sk:n in Holborn for a laser consultation and patch test on my Instagram and Twitter accounts. I was keen to find out more about the effectiveness of such treatments for darker skin tones and to tackle my pigmentation by incorporating treatments into my skincare routine.

sk:n is the nation’s multi award winning, skincare expert that has held a
partnership with the NHS in a dermatology capacity for more than 25 years. With the largest
network of clinics in the industry (35 nationwide), sk:n brings the reputation and prestige of ‘Harley Street to your local street’.

I have mentioned my hyperpigmentation in the past, caused by trauma inflicted to the skin – and key areas of pigmentation on my chin area are caused by the hair growth linked to my monthly hormonal changes! Years of plucking has caused trauma this region and a build up of the pigmentation. Thus, the sk:n specialist that I met with (Anne-Marie), suggested that I treat this area with a course of laser treatments, whilst also having a course of Jessner skin peels to treat the hyperpigmentation. Ideal for all skin types, a Jessner peel uses a combination of active ingredients to rejuvenate the skin. The peel includes salicylic acid, which helps reduce oil production and lactic acid which combats ageing and uneven skin tone. This peel works well on a variety of commonly reported imperfections.
Results: proven to leave skin feeling smoother and clearer.

Anne-Marie, was very thorough and knowledgeable and asked me a series of questions about my health and lifestyle prior to the patch test. I felt very comfortable with the process, that I had all of the information that I needed and that I was clear on what to expect at my first treatment.

To prepare for the treatments, I was asked to start using the SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector*, which has been clinically proven and tested on all ethnicities to help correct and prevent unwanted pigmentation and I instructed to up the level of SPF that I used on a daily basis – I am now using an SPF of 30. The sk:n’s own label SPF* is rich and smooth and does not leave a white residue.

I had my first laser treatment yesterday and I will be having my first Jessner treatment* in a week, so I will update you on the progress! I will also be sharing more about laser treatments in general and their suitability suitable for darker skin tones. Such treatments are available form clinics such the City Hair Removal London clinic in Fenchurch Street and Beauty and Melody in Marble Arch.

Scrub a dub dub!

It is said that the summer body that you desire is developed in the winter, however it can be so easy to neglect the body during this time, as it is wrapped under the sheaths of layers and your main priority is trying to keep warm!

I do love to take care of the skin on my body though -sloughing away those dead skin cells and buffing the skin to boost circulation now, will ensure that my skin look its best all year round. I am usually very consistent with my body care routine, but I am committing to adding dry body brushing to my routine – which enhances the exfoliation process.

I was sent this brush and body care products from The Body Shop and all of the items are divine! I am particularly impressed with the brush*, it is firm, yet not at all ‘scratchy’, and the handle is easy to grip and is ergonomically optimised. The Spa Fit Smoothing & Refining Body Scrub* is delightful! It has the texture of purified fruit and not is too rough, so I found that it could be used in combination with the body brush. Here’s to smooth summer skin!

It’s Booked

Beauty and well being is more than skin deep, thus I will be challenging my mind this year! I have tasked myself to read much more in 2015. A minimum of 12 book in fact!
I have a list that consists of books dealing with everything from entrepreneurship to feminism and activism, fiction to spiritual well being! Titles on my list include:

Success Never Smelled So Sweet: How I Followed My Nose and Found My Passion – Lisa Price founder of Carol’s Daughter

I have been wanting to read Lisa’s book for a while and when L’Oréal USA announced the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire Carol’s Daughter late last year, I am even more keen to read her story.

I have long admired her business acumen and relentlessness drive to make her dream a success.


Just Ask! Success Can Be as Simple as Asking the Right Questions – Bill McGrane

I had the honour in meeting Bill Mcgrane and his wife Linda – personal and professional development experts, when they visited my church last November. Bill spoke about business and the importance of relationships, and the couple were so warm and endearing that I was drawn to them immediately. Bill and Linda run a leading consultancy in the US, training present and future leaders and they have written several books, including this one.


I am learning the importance of building key relationships and power partnerships and that the art of effective, authentic conversation is vital to this quest, so I am very much looking forward to reading this book!

Speak Out!

Lastly, a very important goal that I have set for myself this year, is to continue to develop my public speaking skills.

Last year I posted this quote on my Instagram, as it resonated deeply with me (and I love Shonda Rhimes).

The 'realist' talk from the fantastic Shonda Rhimes! Over the past two weeks I have had the opportunity to speak out about and challenge the power structures that exist in British business and academia – especially with regards to how these structures pertain to race, wealth and position. At times I was nervous, other times I felt like backing out but the ensuing result was always the same…my speaking out was making a difference. Everyone will not always agree with you…but that is not the point, making your stance known is the objective. Then and only then can effective and productive communication between parties begin…the kind of communication that will elicit change. Got something to say? SPEAK OUT! #purpose #destiny #takeastand #takeyourstand #makeithappen #makeitcount #makeadiffrence

A photo posted by Nats (@beautypulselondon) on

I will be rejoining Toastmaster International this month, a public speaking organisation that allows one to actively practice one’s speaking skills and grow at one’s own pace – which I featured on the blog here. I haven’t attended for a few years, so I am raring to go! Being able to put one’s point across to various audiences, be they welcoming or hostile is such a powerful skill and there is always more to learn.

I will be sharing a bit more about this on the blog – along with some of my recent and future speaking engagements!

Have you set any goals for this year? Do let me know in the comments below!

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