Introducing eBay Collections – Shoppable Inspiration direct to your Device!

Over the past couple of months I have been beavering away curating my favourite products on the shopping market place mecca that is!

eBay has recently introduced a new way to shop and be inspired via the eBay Collections platform.

You can create your own eBay Collections by simply handpicking items from eBay and displaying them in groups or themes. Collections enable you to bring your passions to life, whether you’re inspired by travelling, home interiors, fashion trends, the latest technology or even a favourite colour. Collections can be created by anyone. More than a million Collections have already been created on eBay in the US since the feature launched there in late 2013.

“The way we shop is changing,” said Sarah Calcott, UK Senior Marketing Director, eBay. “Shoppers are in the driving seat like never before and rightly expect an experience that’s both fun and functional. That’s what eBay Collections is all about: the fun of browsing and discovery, that’s shoppable. These new features are part of the biggest suite of changes we’ve introduced to eBay in the UK and they’re designed to help shoppers follow their passions.”

I have created 12 collections that reflect my lifestyle and interests and it was so much fun and extremely gratifying seeing my collections come to life.

ebay 2 (2)

The eBay collections concept officially launched on the 6th of March and I was fortunate to attend the press morning, which took place in Soho.

eBay partnered with some of the nation’s leading personalities including pop star and fashion designer Dannii Minogue; presenter, writer and actor Reggie Yates; designer, entrepreneur and author Kelly Hoppen MBE as well as musician, writer and cheese-maker Alex James. Each handpicked items from eBay to create their own Collections, showcasing their personality and passions on the eBay website.


So, how does it all work?

Reggie Yates tells all in this short promo. video…

What can you expect to find amongst the beautypulseLONDON eBay collections?

A nod to all things #brownbeauty…of course

ebay 3 (2)

…the inspiration I gather from positive words…

ebay 5

….fashion fixes and beauty lusts…

ebay 6

…and the tools that keep me happy, healthy and hopeful!

ebay 4

Do let me know if you decide to create your own collections…and be sure to follow mine here!

*this is a sponsored post.

2 comments for “Introducing eBay Collections – Shoppable Inspiration direct to your Device!

  1. iamloved
    March 27, 2014 at 11:00 am

    Oh, I noticed this while browsing on eBay the other day! I followed Dannii Minogue (I love her personal style – she’s so small in the photo above!), but as of when I last looked, she’s added nothing! I may not be following her for too long… I’ve been getting into Etsy in recent days, it sounds kind of similar? I’ll definitely follow you 🙂

    • March 29, 2014 at 1:21 pm

      Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment!
      I think the celeb curators will be featured periodically – Danni did have a lovely set of collections for the launch – so keep an eye out.
      I would compare the eBay collections to Pinterest – but with the ability to shop shop shop!

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