Cosmo Blog Awards 2012 – You’ve Got To Be In It To Win It!

I am a real optimist – I truly believe that anything is possible and anything can be achieved with the right mindset, a positive attitude and good old-fashioned hard work!

I also believe that one has to grab all the opportunities that come one’s way in life…so I would love you to help me do just that by nominating my blog for the Cosmopolitan (UK) Blog Awards 2012!!

If you have been following my blog for a while and if you have already nominated my blog – thank you so much for your continued support!

If you are new to my blog and like what you see….please do nominate my blog too!

I started my blog in August of last year – to be able to give a voice to and to showcase and celebrate women of colour like myself, who love all things beauty, love being British but who feel that they are often under represented or mis-represented in the mainstream beauty press.

Blogging has been so much fun and I have connected with so many fabulous people via both my blog and Twitter!  I really would encourage anybody who is thinking about blogging to just get started!!  Find your passion, develop a viewpoint and share, share, share!

One of the things I love best about blogging is to be able to share the thoughts, ideas, recommendations, achievements and successes of my fellow bloggers and followers!   To those who bemoan the social media revolution, damning it for supposedly lessening our capacity to interact and connect with our fellow man, I have found my experience has been quite the contrary!  Connections that were once digital and remote are becoming real and personal!  Starting a blog was one of the best things I did last year!!  I am thoroughly enjoying the ride!


As my blog is less than a year old, I fall into the Best Newcomer Category that is sponsored by NEXT.  So not only do you get to feel all altruistic for nominating my blog 🙂 , you also are get a chance to win £500 worth of  vouchers to spend with Next too!


Nominating is easy – just fill in the short form here!


Thank you once again!

 Natalie xxx


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