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As I browsed my Twitter feed last Friday, I came a tweet from the women’s networking organisation, everywoman, who shared a post from #WOCInTechChat – a “community of women and non-binary people of color” that initially connected via a chat on Twitter and has now blossomed into a network that is impacting the tech space in a profound way.


Since the chat launched in 2015, the founders have organised several conferences, sponsored WOC to attend major tech events in the US, distributed newsletters to online members detailing job openings and opportunities and spearheaded a photo shoot a photoshoot to capture images of the WOC in the tech space.

I was really excited to learn about the availability of this imagery, as the representation of the WOC in the media has been one of the main reasons why I started this blog and I use all of my social media platform to champion this. These images capture the educated, talented WOC at work and the organisation encourages their use beyond the tech space, they can easily represent entrepreneurs, marketeers…and bloggers!



What’s more, all of the images are available royalty free! Use them on your blog, in your marketing campaign, or in your company brochure – just credit #WOCTechChat!



View the full album on Flickr.

Image credits: #wocintechchat

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