The War on Your Wardrobe!

Your house is minimalist and your desk at work is always tidy, so what exactly is going on in your wardrobe?

If the clothes rail is sagging and you can’t see the base, it’s time to take a deep breath and admit that, while you didn’t think it was possible….you just might have too many clothes.

Yep…guilty as charged!

If you identify with any of the scenarios below, you may need to get things in order, especially as we are nearing the end of the year.


“You do not wear your new purchases”

Do you buy lots of new clothes but never wear them?

Have you items in your wardrobe with the label still intact? If this sounds like you, you’re a classic 21 st century clothes hoarder.

How can you overcome this? Set yourself a target of wearing one of your newer pieces at least one day a week – this way you’ll know what are essentials and what can go. When you have decided what will go you can either make a bit of cash by selling the unwanted items on an auction site such as Ebay or why not attend a ‘swishing’ event and swap you clothes for something you new…that you will wear right away!

“You’ll fit into it one day…”

Ahh…. yes, I can certainly identify with this one!

If the dress didn’t fit when you bought it, there’s no reason to assume it will fit in the future….in fact the opposite is more likely!

The struggle is real!

The struggle is real!

Ill fitting clothes detract from your form, so do yourself a big favour and make room for something flattering and fabulous…just like you are!

“You might need it one day”

If you have items in your wardrobe that has remained untouched for more than a year, it’s time to admit that you probably won’t EVER wear them again. Do not hang on to them ‘just in case’, you want to have a fully functional and wearable wardrobe – so make space for things that you will really love and bring you pleasure to wear!

Whilst parting with your unwanted and unneeded clothes might seem daunting at first, the sense of satisfaction is definitely worth it.

Once you’ve sorted out what to keep, treat yourself to something really useful by shopping the range of wardrobes at Isme.

Make room, declutter, get organised and get ready for a fabulous Christmas party season and the fantastic year ahead – free from the stress of an overburdened wardrobe!

*collaborative post

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  1. Jacalyn
    November 4, 2013 at 7:47 am

    An excellent post, one that is needed all year round I think…….ok lets get clearing before the new year is here and I still cant see the bottom of the wardrobe(s)……no comment!

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