Network for Success! Peeks of @moamnetwork and Keziah CONNECTIONS show you how!

Hi guys!

As most of you know, I hosted the third Keziah CONNECTIONS Networking evening of the year on the 30th of April.

It was another successful event and women at various stages in their business and career development came together once again to make those vital connections! Check out more images from the event here!

It was a pleasure to also have lifestyle and beauty blogger/vlogger and business women Peeks of the @moamnetwork in attendance! Peeks not only runs her own growing graphics and website design company but has also amassed nearly 50,000 YouTube subscribers and garnered over 1 million views online!

I started following Peeks’ work about 3 years ago when I happened upon her YouTube channel and fell in love with her eclectic and individual style – rocking pink afro wigs…..

… or the funkiest hair accessories with ease!



Peeks is not just a pretty face but is also an ambitious go getter who loves to share her business experiences with her followers and will always be seen out and about with her fabulous microphone and trusty wing man Mr X! She interviewed several of the guests at the Keziah CONNECTIONS drinks event….




image credit

…and below is the fruits of her labour – an informative video on the importance of networking!

So, are you feeling inspired to put some of these hints and tips into action?

If so, then please do join me at the Patron Bar at the Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch for fourth Keziah CONNECTIONS Networking Drinks event of 2013 on the 28th May!



There will be the usual combination of fabulous, ambitious women, great giveaways and beauty treats!

Book your place today!

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  1. May 21, 2013 at 9:00 pm

    Tickets booked! I will not miss another!

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