Mind Your Own Business Series: #BlackHistoryMonth special – Klerissa McDonald, founder of Curly By Nature (@CurlyByN)

October is the month of the annual celebration of Black History in the UK.

From business, to music, fashion to food, Black Britions have made a massive contribution to the society.

This post celebrates one such contributor, Klerissa McDonald, the founder of Curly By Nature.


Curly By Nature….High Performance Solutions, British & Ethical

Curly By Nature is an award-winning, global reaching, local business based in London, Great Britain.

It exists to formulate high performing eco-luxe solution using 100% naturally derived ingredients that nourish, strengthen and intensely moisturise the hair and scalp. Most importantly, the company focuses on creating and delivering holistic solutions for genetically curly hair needs.


Why Curly?

Klerissa states;

I have focused on genetically curly hair because it is what I know and love. I developed a strong passion to care for and style naturally curly hair from the tender age of 8. I hold over 10 years of experience as a holistic haircare practitioner and I have a growing range of high performance, eco-luxe products. I offer expert advice and education in various formats to consumers and professionals alike. For me, curly hair care education in the community is so critical and an essential part of a curly girl’s life! Whilst I enjoy the creative side of my business such as formulating products, I am probably more passionate about delivering services to help individuals become their own haircare experts or access the support that they need.

Sourcing premium quality ingredients for her brand ensures that the products are of the finest quality and will benefit both the hair and the scalp as well as the environment. Plant ingredients are naturally biodegradable and have the ability to perform as well as synthetic haircare (using man made chemicals), whilst having the added benefit of feeding the hair and scalp and nourishing it in the best possible way.

The therapeutic benefits gained from the purity and integrity of the formulations is unquestionable – not only in the fragrance and texture but also in the way that natural ingredients are absorbed by the skin, which often results in an improved hair and skin condition.

Her approach is purposeful and she takes immense pride in creating formulations using traditional, artisan methods that maintain the practices to minimise any adverse effect on the environment.

Klerissa offers online personalised hair care consultations and delivers custom hair care workshops. She is a key member of the United Kurls cohort. At the United Kurls events one can access face to face holistic hair care consultations.

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Klerissa also practices holistic hair care consultations at the outstanding Adornment365 boutique salon in Brixton, where she is a part of a strong team of hair care experts.

“I believe that your hair is uniquely beautiful and wonderfully made. I believe that we have the freedom to embrace and creatively express ourselves through our hair. I believe that everyone should experience truly healthy and stylish hair using quality, luxurious and natural care.”

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