Lady in Bed – Working from Home, BPL Style!

workathome_intro-1 Working from home!

Only a few years ago, this term was for the preserve of a privileged few – managers with a hoard of secretaries and staff who could carry out their orders from a distance or those whose work did not require constant communication with others.

My, my, my! How times have changed! With a laptop, a trusty internet connection and a smartphone, ANYONE can work ANYWHERE and be the boss of their own empire!

My day job allows me to work from the comfort of my bed – be it blogging about the latest beauty products, Instagramming pictures of the beauty events that I have attended, tweeting about my up and coming projects, updating my Pinterest boards, connecting with like minded professionals and clients on LinkedIn or planning my next networking event!

Now…I love getting dressed up, I am a VERY ‘girly’ girl and always make an effort to be presentable when I am off to meetings or catching up with friends…

...a typical BPL selfie!...

…a typical BPL selfie!…

…however I also love being able to work from home and spend the day in my satin red nightie and dressing gown (I keep it classy!), I can also give my skin a break from the makeup and allow it to breath!

...lady in red and in BED!  Working from home - surrounded by my beauty products and my glossy magazines!

…lady in red and in BED! Working from home – surrounded by my beauty products and my glossy magazines!

I am an early riser, so I like to utilise the dawn hours to tackle my emails and plan the day ahead. Being able to do this from home is fabulous – those extra few hours in the morning – that I do not have to use for a daily commute – makes a world of difference to my productivity!

Even though I am alone with my laptop, with the rise and rise of social media I never feel disconnected. I can jump into a Twitter conversation at any time, check to see what is trending and see how the trends can impact my work or just keep up to date with the news of the day.

I definitely believe that the office of the future for the majority of people will be one’s bedroom or kitchen!

The inevitable swing to the knowledge economy

The inevitable swing to the knowledge economy

As we move away from the industrial age and very much into the knowledge economy, flexibility, connectivity and adaptivity will drive innovation and discovery – and I can’t wait to see what this future holds!

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