100 days to #Radical Results! My 100 day challenge inspired by @radicalskincare!


September 22nd marks the start of the countdown of the final 100 days of the year!

I cannot believe we are on the cusp of this final leg…time certainly has NOT waited for any man…but it is it has been a fab year so far and I want to see it out with a bang!

Inspired by the August Keziah CONNECTIONS with Radical Skincare,  where the guests had the chance to create their own vision boards (the session was led by the team at Chalk PR).


Boards at the ready!!!



The team ran through 10 reasons why we should say a ‘Radical Yes’ to life, I was re-energised to make these final days of the year count!

Some of the points that were shared that were extremely encouraging included:

“Every yes we say brings us one degree closer to where we want to be”

“Don’t think about the how…just write goals in the present tense and start to make it happen”

“Stop criticising and start celebrating…be thankful and grateful”

“Believe in the unbelievable and the impossible”

Thus, I decided to create a vision board for these last 100 days (on the back of the board I created at my first Radical Vision board event! ) and have set myself some goals to hit by the 31st of December!


Ready, Set, GO! 100 days to achievement!

I will keep you updated on my progress. …oh and do let me know if you are inspired to embark on a similar challenge!

Since being introduced to the Radical Skincare brand I have been trialing some of the products and I have been extremely impressed! 


The Hydrating Cleanser* is a rich, creamy formula with the signature subtle citrus fragrance, which is uplifting in a warming way.

This cleanser does not foam though, so use on a damp face to avoid overly diluting the product.


I really like the Instant Revitalising Mask* for adding a boost of radiance to the skin!


Lastly,  I have incorporated the use if the Eye Revive Crème* into my daily routine as I celebrated a birthday this month! This product is delightful to use.  It smells of cucumbers – which reminds me of my teenage home spa facials with a facemask and slices of cucumber on my eyes (who else did this??? C’mon own up!!), it abdorbs quickly and feels refreshing around the delicate eye area.


Have a Radical week! You can purchase Radical Skincare here and here!

*pr samples

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